Trees for Europe 2020

 |  More than one hundred schools in Europe participate in the “Trees for Europe 2020” action.

This year has been a special one for students and teachers, as well as for our societies in general due to COVID-19. We found ourselves cut off from the world and lived in a closed environment, our house, our apartment, only surrounded and supported by our family but still virtually connected by the mostly dramatic information media transmitted to us. So the idea developed to contribute to the enrichment of biodiversity at home, in confined spaces apart from planting trees like in the previous years.

The pupils of the 1AB class were asked to share their contributions. The following statements and photos give an overview of the results:

In our garden we planted salad, vegetables and strawberries. You can go there, relax and harvest some fruits. Even in a tiny raised bed in the garden or on the balcony we planted different herbs. Vegetables from our garden are healthier and free from any chemicals. They taste much better. We don’t need plastic covers or any means of transport and so help to protect our environment.

The garden with its apple, cherry, apricot, and plum trees is a quiet place. The flowers and bushes offer the ideal space for the bees to celebrate a festival in spring and summer time. Lisa is particularly proud of her lavender, not only because it smells so great but also because bees and butterflies like it that much. In Vicky‘s garden, special wildflower spots are mowed only once in a while, allowing bees to collect nectar.

From the seeds of different fruits you can grow your own trees and plant or sell them later on. Lena is very happy that she took some seeds of lemon and medlar back from holidays in Italy last year and succeeded in its cultivation.

Maybe you will also find new hobbies in such activities.